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Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg Website
In 2013 Targum Shlishi developed and launched a website on the work of Rabbi Greenberg. Website includes a rich selection of audio and video lectures, essays, articles, and more.
Explore the website.

Jewish Sages of Today: Profiles of Extraordinary People
Who are your heroes? Who gives you hope? Who inspires you? Jewish Sages of Today is a book, a website, and a Teacher’s Guide, all dedicated to celebrating the work and exploring the lives of twenty-seven remarkable individuals who are making our world a better place. The comprehensive website includes the Teacher’s Guide along with profiles that can be accessed for educational purposes.
Explore the website.


Jewish Unity and Disunity, Then and Now
Text and 27-minute video of a lecture delivered by Aryeh Rubin at the conference, "Who Abandoned the Jews—And Who Tried to Save Them? A Conference on Religious Zionists and Rescue from the Holocaust," on May 30, 2010 at Bar Ilan University.
View English text. View Hebrew text. View Video.

Lessons to Learn from 1944
Text and 33-minute video of a lecture delivered by Aryeh Rubin at the Wyman Institute's national conference, "The Failure to Bomb Auschwitz: History, Politics, Controversy," on September 13, 2009.


Before It’s Too Late: The Search for Mass Graves of Jews Massacred by Nazis in the Ukraine
Targum Shlishi is spearheading an information and fundraising effort to help support the extraordinary work underway by Father Patrick Desbois to locate and document the mass graves and preserve history.

The Jewish Relationship to the Environment: A Series of Podcasts
Three podcasts on Jewish law and the environment produced by the Jewish Legal Heritage Society can be downloaded from our website.

Race Against Death Initiative
In March 2007, Targum Shlishi sent copies of this book to 1,500 individuals in an attempt to motivate people to address the monumental problems facing the Jewish world at this critical time.
Judaism and Modernity
by Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Greenberg
Provocative analysis of the challenges posed to Judaism by the modern world.

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